Our Patient Portal: MyCareCorner

The MyCareCorner (MCC) patient portal provides patients with access to their electronic health record. Upon registration at our facility, you will be asked if you would like to provide an email.  Once an email has been inputed in your chart profile, you will receive an invite link to complete MyCareCorner registration.  If you do not provide an email and later decide you would like access to MCC, you will need to present to Pineville Community Health Center, Inc. at either Registration or HIM/Business office.  You will need to present your photo ID/Driver's license so we may verify you are the patient (if power of attorney exists, we will need a copy of the documentation to put on file).  

For MCC portal reset or link invite reset, please call 606-337-3051 ext. 465. 



Gaining access to your health record is a 2-step process, regardless of the method that you choose.

• Step 1: Create a MyCareCorner account from a printed or emailed invitation.  
• Step 2: Link your health record (or the record of a family member) to the appropriate MyCareCorner account.

Download Full Instructions