Dr. Tim York


Department Leaders

Carol Ayers
Pharmacy Director

Carol Ayers serves as the hospital Pharmacist.  Over the last 15 years, she has provided great leadership and care for the patients in our local communities.  Her passion is to be able to work with patients and know that her involvement makes a difference in their lives.  At PCHC, she appreciates the opportunity to work with all staff to focus on taking care of patient’s needs.  When she is not serving as our Pharmacist, she enjoys playing piano, something she has done since the age of 6 years old.  Her goal for the Pharmacy Department in the coming years is to expand the services that we provide at the hospital.   

Jennifer Beverly
Infection Control Nurse

Jennifer Beverly, RN has worked at Pineville for over 11 years in the ER and now serves as our Infection Control Nurse.  When asked about the nursing field she says ”I love making a difference in people’s lives. Nursing is a profession that never stops giving.”  For Jennifer, PCHC has the environment of family. Nurses and other departments work closely together to develop stronger teams and to provide excellent care to patients. Most patients know the hospital staff by name and feel safer seeing a familiar face.

Some goals Jennifer would like to have for her department would be getting more involved with the community and providing more education to our surrounding area.  She would love to offer more services at PCHC as well.  When asked to speak to the future generation, she says “don’t be afraid to chase your dreams, and always believe in yourself.”

Brian P. Brown
NET/IT/EMR Administrator

Brian has worked for Pineville for 6 years in several technology areas.  His duties include overseeing the IT support for the hospital, the network and security, as well as the EMR.  He enjoys helping the staff and patients navigate through difficult technical problems, and provides the tools needed to accomplish the mission of PCHC.  Brian truly wants to assist this community in offering a great hospital that meets the needs of the surrounding area.  This is not only his job, but it is also a ministry opportunity.  One goal that he has for Pineville is to see the medical technology at PCHC continue to modernize and flow out to patients and Drs. in our commonwealth.  In his personal life, his wife also serves in the medical field as a Board Certified APRN.  He and his wife Sarah have 5 children who attend various schools and serve in many occupations.

Carolyn Bruce
Director of Nursing

Carolyn Bruce is the Director of Nursing (DON) here at Pineville Community Health Center.  She has worked at Pineville for over 30 years, serving in many areas of nursing before being asked to lead the hospital’s nursing department.  Carolyn enjoys inspiring the next generation of nurses in our community through her leadership and mentoring. 

When asked about why she works at PCHC, she said “this is my hometown and the people that I love to see.”  When not at the hospital, she enjoys traveling on cruises, taking in the sun and the beach.  Carolyn has 3 children that she loves dearly.

As for the future of the hospital, she is currently implementing a plan to open several service lines.  She would love to see many more nurses, doctors and specialized patient beds added in Pineville.

Brittany Hill
Revenue Cycle Manager

Brittany has worked at Pineville for 11 years, starting right out of high school. She has been able work her way up through the organization with 5 years in Med/Surg as an SRNA, 1 year in Home Health as an SRNA, 1 year as a billing clerk, 4 years Business Office Manager, and then she has just recently been named our Revenue Cycle Manager.  Brittany enjoys the satisfaction of being able to help patients and having the ability to work side by side with some of the best employees.  She says, “Patient satisfaction is what it is all about and having an amazing staff to work with is what makes it possible.”  She is very thankful for the opportunity to be able to serve our patients and provide them with quality care right here at home.  She looks forward to the opportunity to expand and grow our little hospital.   Brittany and her husband have 5 wonderful children that keep them busy with football, basketball, cheer, and wrestling.

Amy Lee
HIM Coordinator

Amy started at the hospital in 1996 as a CNA and has worked in the many departments over the years; these include the ED, OB, ICU, and HIM.  She currently is the HIM Coordinator and oversees medical records and coding.  She has always loved to learn new things at the hospital.  When it comes to patient care, Amy really enjoys helping people, meeting their needs. One of the things she most appreciates about our hospital is that, ”We are a family. We look out for each other, and you never go through anything alone.”

Her goal is to continue working with our community and the departments at PCHC to maintain accurate records and assist our patients with whatever they need. She is married with 2 children, truly loves her family, and is working on her bachelor’s degree.

Teresa McCarty
Medical Staff Coordinator/ Administrative Assistant 

Teresa started at the hospital in late 1991, serving in Radiology as practice manager for Pineville’s Radiologist, Sankar Lakshman.  She transitioned to HIM/Medical Record in 2015 for a year before taking on the role as Medical Staff Coordinator.  Recently she has added the role of Administrative Assistant to PCHC Administrator.  She enjoys helping patients whether it be assistance with understanding a medical bill or in their need to choose the right physician.  When asked about working at the hospital, she stated “Our hospital has always felt like family. I like being able to share that feeling to our patients.”

She enjoys spending time with her family and many close friends, is married and has one daughter as well as a grandson that is attending CGHS in Cumberland Gap.  She would love to see the hospital’s physician roster grow to add more specialties that would best serve our community’s needs.

Hillary Partin
Radiology Director

Hillary has been a part of the Pineville team for over 29 years, working in our Radiology Department.  As the Radiology Director, he enjoys helping people and answering any questions they have concerning their radiology procedures.  For Hilary, PCHC feels like home! He says “The people that work here are like one big family. My dad and my aunt both worked here numerous years.”  When he is away from PCHC, he is a diehard fisherman.  He loves to bass fish and has even got his wife into fishing.  In the coming years, Hillary’s goal is to upgrade some of the Radiology Department with more modern equipment.  He would love the surrounding communities to know that “Most of the time we can do same day appointments. There is someone here 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week for Xray and CT. We would love to take care of all your Radiology needs.”

Susan Scott
HR/AP Manager

Susan has worked in many areas of the hospital over the past 24 years.  She began her career here in the Respiratory Department running the office and administering EKGs, EEGs and running monitors.  After 2 years, she was transferred to the Radiology Department where she worked for the next 15 years. In 2016 she moved to the Finance Department of the hospital. For Susan, “Life is about moments; what can you do to improve or lighten the load off someone?  I’ve always approached patient care with the same attitude, how can I help this person feel better.  This also applies to the community.”  At Pineville, Susan enjoys being a part of a work family and growing together to build back our hospital to what it once was. 

Susan has 2 daughters. Brittany is currently employed in our hospital’s Admissions Department while finishing her college degree.  Her youngest daughter attends a local highschool where she is active in archery and music.  Her husband Lowell is employed with the Bureau of Prisons.  Susan is also actively involved with her community through church and youth leadership.

Missy Wilson
Quality Director

Missy has worked at Pineville for over 7 years and currently serves as our Quality Director. She enjoys being able to help others and giving back as much as she can through her efforts at our hospital and in the community.  About her time at the hospital, she says, “Working at PCHC is like working with family. I love our little hospital and my coworkers.”  One overriding goal that Missy has would be to continue to improve our quality of care in Pineville.  Missy was married to her best friend and love of her life for 34 years. She has 2 children and 5 grandbabies that she loves with all her heart.